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About Us

The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School (FLEPS) Workshop Festival is part of the Teacher Training and Professional Development Unit (TT&PDU).  The aim of the Workshop Festival is to bring together Language teachers not just from EMU but from across the Island; and to provide them with opportunities to share their innovative classroom practices and experiences with like-minded teachers.

The Workshop Festival is a one day event, which is held towards the end of the EMU academic year.  There are seven strands in the Workshop Festival:

  • First is for our colleagues from other educational institutions who would like to share their teaching and learning experiences with us.  
  • Second is for EMU FLEPS colleagues who have been sponsored by our Institution to present papers at local, national and international conferences. 
  • Third is for EMU FLEPS colleagues who want to share their classroom experiences with colleagues either as a workshop, poster, or as a talk.
  • Forth is for EMU FLEPS teachers who have taken part in our Teacher Research Project. These teachers share with us their research journey in a friendly care and share session.
  • Fifth is for EMU FLEPS (Special Interest Groups). In this regard 21st Century Skills SIG wish to share their ideas related to this theme.   
  • Sixth is for prospective teachers studying at EMU ELT faculty. These are for students, who wish to share their new ideas, related to their final year course work.
  • Seventh is for teachers, who wish to share their non-academic, but creative ideas with us.  In the past, we have had teachers who have talked about their travels, published books, photographs; and personal spiritual journeys.

This Workshop Festival is for teachers by teachers and at its heart lays the notion of a festival which we wish to share with you.