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About Us

FLEPS Workshop Festival

The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School (FLEPS) Workshop Festival is part of the Teacher Training and Professional Development Unit (TT&PDU).  The aim of the Workshop Festival is to bring together language teachers and to provide them opportunities to share their innovative ideas of classroom teaching and learning with their colleagues.  The Festival is a one-day event held at the end of each academic year.  

There are five strands in the FLEPS Workshop Festival:

  • First is for our colleagues who have been sponsored by our Institution to present papers at local, national and international conferences. 
  • Second is for colleagues who want to share their classroom experiences with colleagues either as a workshop, poster, or as a talk.
  • Third is for teachers who are a part of our Teacher Research Project. These teachers share with us their research journey in a friendly care and share session.
  • Fourth is for prospective English Language teachers from the Faculty of Education. This is for the final year undergraduate and postgraduate students to share their new ideas in the form of workshops related to their course works.
  • Fifth is for teachers to share their non-academic areas of interest sharing with us their creative side. In the past we have had presentations on travel, books published by colleagues, photographs, and personal spiritual journeys.

The Workshop Festival is for teachers by teachers, at its heart lays the notion of a festival and it is this that we try to share with you every year.